With Arm and Hammer toothpaste coupons you can save money on toothpaste for the entire family. Arm and Hammer is a well known brand which many customers have relied on for years. The company has been around for decades, and has provided families with many quality products from toothpaste to deodorant. It was in 1846 that John Dwight and Austin Church begin making baking soda in Dwight’s Kitchen, but not until 1896 did both Church and Dwight come together to form Church and Dwight Co. the manufacturers of Arm and Hammer. The famous logo, bearing the red circle with an arm and hammer design is the brainchild of Austin Church- it symbolizes the Roman God Vulcan who is the God of fire and metal working. There has been a bit of trivia which has followed the company for years which has been proven untrue. A stock holder of Arm and Hammer, whose name is Armand Hammer was often glorified as the owner of the company. Though his name highly resembles the well known brand, history states that it was merely a coincidence. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with such a quality brand which sells for less than most.

Arm and Hammer Coupons

About Arm and Hammer Toothpaste Coupons

Arm and Hammer toothpaste coupons are a good find, because you get a quality product at a great price. Arm and Hammer was originally a baking soda company, until the 1970s when the brand expanded. However, even before the brand expanded many people used its baking soda for several things. Brushing teeth was one of them, which is probably one of the reasons why they eventually manufactured toothpaste. Getting Arm and Hammer toothpaste coupons can be quite simple, so for those who haven’t tried this product, grab a coupon and give it a try. Coupons never seem to be available when you’re going to the store for a product, but Arm and Hammer is a bit different. The company makes coupons available twice a year on their website. These coupons can be used for other products which are made by Arm and Hammer as well. Some products include, laundry detergent, cat litter, rug deodorizer, deodorant and more!

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If you are looking for Arm and Hammer toothpaste coupons, you can search online by simply typing in “arm and hammer” or ” arm and hammer coupons”. Upon doing so, you should get many results pertaining to coupon websites. These sites can provide coupons which will be a nice addition to any other coupons which can be found online, in newspapers and mailers. Another good place to check is your weekly mailers. These coupon inserts are full of great deals and usually well known brands such are Arm and Hammer are featured. Yes, the mailers which may get tossed aside, may have Arm and Hammer toothpaste coupons inside. Looking in the Sunday newspaper is a way to find coupons as well. This is probably one of the better ways to find Arm and Hammer toothpaste coupons, especially for those who aren’t computer savvy. Lastly, the best way to find coupons is by simply going to www.armandhammer.com, here you will find a way to register for coupons. Once you register for coupons, you are able to go online to this website twice a year to retrieve a printout of coupons including Arm and Hammer toothpaste coupons.